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No matter the type or size of vehicle you're buying, Aussie Credit strives to provide expert customer service and specialised assistance wherever we can to help you secure a great finance deal. The Aussie Credit team of finance and loans experts are specialists in securing competitive finance packages for all types of credit ratings.

Car & Bike Loans

We have a complete range of finance products from Australia's major lenders and specialist financiers and at Rates that are comparable to the Banks.

Truck Loans

From Sole Traders to Large Corporations we have your finance needs covered.

Boat Loans

With competitive rates and favorable terms, a boat loan from Aussie Credit will have you in the water in no time. Whether you’re looking to finance a yacht, commercial vessel or a pleasure craft, Aussie Credit can find a boat loan that’s right for you.

RV & Caravan Loans

RV & Caravan Finance that gives you and your family the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors.

Finance Options

A Chattel Mortgage allows companies and business professionals the facility to own their asset from the start of the agreement while financing motor vehicles, trucks, machinery or other professional business equipment. The Bank secures the loan by registering a change over the asset and approved customers can receive up to 100% finance.

For more information about Chattel Mortgage and other finance products please visit our partners Credit One Finance.

A novated lease is a finance lease between the financier and the employee which is then novated to the employer. The employee chooses the car they want and the employer pays the employee's rental obligations from the employee's pre-tax salary. There are many benefits of a novated lease and allow businesses a cost effective and convenient way to facilitate vehicles for employees.

For more information about Novated Lease and other finance products please visit our partners Credit One Finance.

A hire purchase agreement allows the bank to purchase the goods the customer need and then hire them to the customer. When the final payment is made, the ownership of the goods passes to the customer. A hire purchase agreement has a number of benefits and allows for easier cash flow management and tax benefits.

For more information about Hire Purchase and other finance products please visit our partners Credit One Finance.

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Aussie Credit is different to other lenders in that every application is manually assesed rather than point scored. We look at a borrowers overall character and are happy to consider older assets or clients who are new to their job.

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